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Can't Log Inn

Is game still down? Says under maintenance.

I went into the iOS store and looked at the games version section. The update was there.

People in my Guild haven’t been able to log in as well. Have even Uninstalled-Reinstalled. And still can’t. Really not cool since one of them is our Guild leader so we have no ability to manage requests or kick. People were planning on finishing the Rally today and with long maintenance and now an inability to even log back in they won’t be able to finish.

Once you get the newest version of the game you should be able to login. If you downloaded 2.8.29 and still get in, Can you please let know so they can investigate?

Guild leader posted this in our discord after I asked if he did anything special to finally get the update. He is an Android user.

“I dont know exactly what it was. I deleted the game and left it off for a while. Reloaded it this morning and it sent me to the update. That was the first time the update tab showed up after 4 uninstall and re-installs”

I had the same issue yesterday. Some Android users with auto-update were sent an outmoded version of the app. After Ludia corrected the issue, I turned my device off and on and waited 5 minutes. The proper version of the update was then available in the Google store.