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Can't login to the game

I’ve this issue since yesterday evening. I start the game and it show a message where it say that can’t login to the server. I tried rebooting the device and reinstalling the app but it is all the same. I’m on IOS.
What can i do?

Hi @Orpheos85, welcome back! :smiley:

Have you tried connecting to a different internet source, Mobile Data maybe? You can try forgetting and reconnecting the existing connection to see if that works…

yes i tryed switch to mobile data and the back to adsl but it is the same :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear that, Orpheos85. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can provide additional troubleshooting. Thank you.

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Hi Ronald
yes i’ve wrote this morning, but i know that there are a lot of messages and i’m waiting :frowning:
from time to time i try to start the app but till now i can’t do nothing :frowning: i’m stucked out :frowning:

Support usually get back to you in about 5 business days so be prepared for the wait.


:frowning: i ask here because i know that :frowning: I will lost all the events :cry: :cry: :cry:

You said you’ve turned off wi-fi and then back on. Did you try the game while on mobile data? Make sure you actually close the app while on mobile data and then reopen it. Make sure you hit “Retry” or “OK” or whatever button you’re seeing a couple of times, possibly closing out the app several times. Make sure no other apps are running

i tried before and i’ve just tried again… I close the app and turn off the wifi, open the app and then the message “unable to login to the server” appear. i hit the retry button several times. i close the app, i restart the app and try again and again :frowning: always “unable to login to the server” :cry: :sob:

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the same thing is actually happening to me too. I will try to find a different location (different wifi) to see if it’s the spot itself. I tried mobile data but that didn’t help either… My husband also tried to look into it who is a tech geek but he couldn’t help either.

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Hi @Orpheos85… This had happened to me before… it usually got alright within 2 days… how many days have you been experiencing this?..

If none of those methods worked, the last hope is to wait… I hope it resolves for you soon…

today is the second day :frowning: and still “unable to login to the server”

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Same thing happened to me yesterday, I got a new phone and I went to download it and when I open I’m just stuck on the loading screen with no loading bar, so I can’t login in. I tried everything you’ve tried idk what to do


@Stephan_Espinosa welcome to the forum! :smiley:
Could you send a screenshot (remember to hide your support key)? If it’s just the loading screen, then maybe you can try after a while and see if it works…

Yeah this is the screen that I’m stuck at.

So you’re stuck at that screen and it isn’t showing you any pop-up message saying there’s a disconnection issue with the server?

yeah I never get a connection issue pop up

I can’t login too, the message i have showed up almost immediately when i open the app. I disinstalled the app and reinstalled it, so i suppose i have to connect again with appleid but it doesnt ask me

What happened to me right now was that I didn’t get a pop up it just crashed. It’s really weird cause I played the game on my iPhone 6 perfectly fine so how could it not work on my iPhone SE 2020

For those wondering the message is:

Unable to login to the server

Translated from Italian.