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Can't login with Google play

When i tap login with google play ,it doesnt respond at all . when i chose guest or facebook it works.but i only had my google play to save everything lost ?i hope not . I ve already invested alot of money in 3 weeks play !

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Hi there RuthlessViking!

If restarting your device doesn’t help, could you please email our team at (with your support key included if possible)? Our team will do whatever they can to assist. Thank you.

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I restarted my device.i reset to manufacture settings i did everything. problem still here . Its been 10hours since the problem appeared . Never got offline for more than 6 hours. Before. Its a nightmare! Couldnt sleep all night

No one is responding man ! Im losing events!

I’m sorry for the trouble, RuthlessViking. Depending on ticket volume, it can sometimes take a few business days for our team to see your message (but it can happen sooner than that).

Rest assured they will respond as soon as possible!

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Hi. I just wanted to inform you that i have the exact same problem, and it started yesterday. I sent in a ticket but there is no way to retrieve the support key.
I have tried to log in with different platforms to no avail…

They just replied and told me i got banned for 24 hours for cheating . although its been more than 24h since i got banned. Problem is that i used to share my acc with my brother leaving in Tokyo, and nit spoofing as they said . anyways i m stooping it to avoid any further troubles