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Cant Login

Screenshot_20210527-165730_JW Alive

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I’m sorry you are having trouble connecting to the game, freak84. If you haven’t already, please try disconnecting/reconnecting to your internet network.

If you are still having login issues after doing that, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at


Already done it and cant login
All Day trying to

Screenshot_20210527-145800_JW Alive

Stuck in this screen
Click on login Google play and Nothing happens

I’m sorry that didn’t work. Could you please contact our support team through the email address provided above? Our team would be more than happy to try and help you out.

Trying to contact…
Cant log in to acess the support code …
Stuck in The login screen

Same error but on Facebook login. I could find my key by using guest and try to link my facebook. Issue is on ios and android. Playing as guest works. Reinstalled several times on Android and ios.

Just ended my VIP acess … its sad to have issues with The game … Just started and cant login since yesterday … contact the support and no results …

Cant understand what is happening and seems that we dont have support to help us…
Just ended my VIP signature … wont pay for a game that dont work for me

Ok. I asked my alliance for help. I had to kill the google play assist. Remove the game entries where it links to your account. Start the game. REEFUSE GOOGLE PLAY TO LINK THE GAME. Then choose how to log in. Never link the google play profile…