Cant login?

I cant proceed past the loading screen. Server issue?

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Hi @Heligrin, if you could write to providing this info and your support key we will be more than happy to assist you in anyway we can.

Thank you!

Same as me!
Edit: It just takes a loooong time.

I just started getting this, can’t login.

same here D:

Same here!

Hey all, thanks for the reports! The team is aware of the server issues and working on it.


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Thank you,

It’s working again! Thanks @Breona and the team!


For some reason, the game reset-ed and I lost all progress that was made in the last 2 hours. I apologize for being sour, really- but I wish Ludia would at least acknowledge this. It’s not a pleasant surprise to login and see up to 400 cups in the tournament being lost without notice. Not to mention having to redo all the event battles.

Edit: Also, if im not mistaken, the cooldowns of the dinos i used for the events are not reset, btw. Just the event battles.

Hey @Mosasaurus, please write to and we will see what we can do.


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@Breona when I open my game, it just stayed loading, and loading, so I left it, after five minutes, it was still loading. I exited the game, and opened it and it stayed on the home page,
It wouldn’t even show the loading Icon, just this:

Edit: nevermind, after having a LONG nice break, it decided to work again…

Hi @LegendaryDinos, :sweat_smile: glad is started working for you again!

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