Can't make more Dino DNA


I’m trying for Tragodistis…but need more Paralophosaurus…ok…fine…

So, in the meantime, I decided to make more Amargocephalus (since I have Amargosaurus and Euo)……

But I cant seem to make more Amargocephalus despite having Amargobasic and Euobasic

Do I need to get more paralophosaurus first, and to “use up” the 312 amargocephalus DNA first by making Trago DNA, before I can make more Amargocephalus?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!

(As a new user I cant put more than 1 image in), so I’ll include the Amargocephalus as it seems to be the problem that I cant make more. Trust me, I’ve got enough Euo and Amargo).


Yes you must use up the current DNA in order to proceed with creating more of the hybrid.


You always need to level up/evolve first, before you can fuse more.