Can't name my alliance?

So when I tried to name my alliance (Murderbirds United), I was greeted by a page that appeared, saying that the name was against community standards. I attempted to rename it to MB UNITED, but it still wouldn’t go through.

By the way, “Murderbird” is paleo-slang for any of the raptorids, or large Tetanuran (stiff-tailed) theropods. SUE the T-Rex at Chicago’s Field Museum is known by staff and fans as the “Magnificent Murderbird”.

And I wanted to give my alliance an intimidating name, like it was the one football squad no one wanted to get matched up against.

Is there any way to fix this? I really don’t want to rename my team.

I will ask our team to whitelist the name. This will take about 2 hours to be processed. Give it try around 2 pm EDT and let us know if you got through the filter.

Will do. I prefer Murderbirds United, if you can get them to whitelist that one.


Forgive the assumption but that’s what I submitted.

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Coolness! Cheers!

@J.C on top of things and takin care of business!

It worked.

Amazing! Glad to hear it.