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CAN'T Nobody Have Sweeter Treats Than Me!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜† 12p

He or She Was Even Laughing :joy: With Me!

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Yes If You Were Wondering!!! I Am A Baker :sunglasses: And A Darn Good One At That!!!
That’s Sweetshay23 For Ya, It’s The Holidays, Need A Cake Just Send Me An Email :+1::grinning: You Shall Comeback For More!
Everybody’s Favorite, Upside Down 7up Pound Cake!!! Yumeee… Better Hurry As It Is Getting To Be That Season!!!:relieved: That’s My Money Making Season!!! Like Ludia, But Only Two Months Out Of The Year! :rofl::grin:

Nice shay
LMAO :joy::v:t2:

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Can’t Wait Until You Tell me To Send Ya One BAG… Then We’ll See??? I Almost Could Bet, You’d Tell Me That’s The Best You’ve Ever Ate​:+1::joy::blush: @DAGBC56
I Think I Do Remember You Saying You Lived In Canada??? I Would Definitely Have To Send It Priority Mail. Just Let Me Know!!! But I’ve Never Shipped Out Side The USA??? Don’t Know What The Difference Would Be? But I’m Pretty Proud Of My Baking Skills!!! I Do Know That Much, And Also I’ve Made A Bunch Doing It, So ???