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Cant open my game


I emailed Ludia support yesterday but got no response so im trying this way.
I cant seem to be able to login to my game of Jw:TG. Whenever i try to, it says it cant start session in the server, and constantly shows me the same message.
I’ve deleted and downloaded the game twice, but it always comes back the same.
I usually log in with my apple ID
I’ve attached a picture of the pop up

Ive been a VIP member for several months now and would hate to loose my progress.
Looking forward to finding a solution!!


Hi, this error ocassionally happens, and blur out your support key…

It is essential that nobody here sees your support key.
It can take several days before Ludia support reacts, but they finally will.


This has happened with me as well,it will open at some point, support can take weeks to respond,do not expect much.


Okay, “weeks” is a lot of exaggeration. Maximum is around 4-5 days I guess…

Oh i didnt know about the code, blurred it out now just in case…
Cheers guys lets see if i can get someone to tell me whats up and manages to solve it

It really is not,I have mailed the support previously regarding ads not working for me,around my 1st or 2nd week in Jurassic World The Game,I never received a response,but the ads started working for me after the next update.

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Hello @Kane, our support team will get back to your as soon as they get the chance to read your message. In the meantime, if you’re using a WiFi connection, you can try forgetting the network on your device then re-adding it and see if that helps. Your patience is appreciated!