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Can't open the Game..... Again

Question for everyone. Is anyone else having problems being able to open the game. Every time I try, it just crashes ever since last night. Before it was a small chance. But now, it’s every time I try to open the game


Hey ModernMyths, could I ask you to email our support team at with your device information included in the email? Our team would be happy to investigate further and provide some troubleshooting for you.


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Alright, sent an email with all the info


Hello again.
I hate to say this but again, my game is crashing every time I try to open it up. I already missed one of the event dragon (St. Patricks Toothless), almost missed another (The last Autumn one) because the game kept crashing, and now this is happening again. Please Fix the game and more importantly PLEASE stop telling me to go to an older version of the game. Every time I do, I couldn’t even get to the loading screen without it telling me to UPDATE THE GAME! I hope you understand

I’m really sorry to hear that you are continuously having crash issues, ModernMyths.:sweat:

If you haven’t already, I would recommend following up with our support team at so our support team can better assist you.

Thank you!

Hi, yes. It’s started to happen to me in the last hour. Spontaneous closure of the app and now I can’t open it at all.