Can't play anymore

Hi I finished the challenge and then my game froze.
As I reloaded and every time since. It comes up with a box saying I am 15 rooms into challenge.
And there is a button to click that says “continue”
I cannot get past this box.
I deleted and reinstalled the game. Yet the same box pops up.
(Support Key Removed)

Having this issue as well. I am also adding to this thread as I find it a little odd that it happened to me with 15 rooms too!!!
I see no option to decline or close the mini window. Once I hit continue it starts to repeatedly load. I also can not get past this.
@Gerry_Fabian Did they solve this issue for you?

I knew this may happen with a beta. I hope my additional info is helpful.
Not clear on where to go for help. I will have my key ready.

It took about a week, but after sending in a ticket to I logged in to find myself no longer in that described state. My crash appeared to be caused by trying to collect that end reward and either hanving a newly-up-gradable piece of equipment, or having completed a quest (more info here: Crashes on loot collection: Anyone else getting these? ).

So yes, send in a ticket, and they should be able to get your sorted.

Can’t figure out how to send a ticket without going through the game. Fix these issues quick or the game will be an epic fail.

Hey Reaper1489, our support team can also be contacted by email at, if you have your support key, it’ll be helpful to include it in your email as well.

I have had the same issue several times and learned that if you tap the challenge button before the continue button comes up you can get past it. It Takes a couple of tries to time it right. Otherwise you wait for awhile for the support team to fix it. Either way you will lose your reward.