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CAN'T PLAY battles cause matchmaking dont find any player

Hello everybody, i don’t know if its a bug or what but when i want to play tournement battles or normal battles the matchmaking screen start trying to find players but it always finished by a message who say: there was an error, try it later" and i can’t even play a battle with real people…

Some times the match making find 1 player per day but is not normal, 2 weeks ago i could find any player after 10sg or less of queu, and from 2 weeks i have this error wich dont let me play pvp how i love to do.

Pls ludia or anyone else ,can you help me ?

Hope you guys can help me and fix it.

Some one else may have other info, but I play at different times throughout the day and night and while there is a decrease in players, I am not seeing any errors.

How strong is your connection? It may be timing out?

If you connection is strong, I wonder if some data is not off. If you are on Android, go to your apps, JWA, storage, then clear the data. Make sure you are using google play or fb though for you game data.

Just tryied to clear data but it doesn’t work…
My connection is good max 4g and about time, it doesn’t matter if its 9am or 9pm my mathmaking dont find anything, not in morning and not in afternoon and not in night…pretty strange

thanks for help anyways

I’m sorry to hear that, talentedsticks. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at your account and assist you? Thanks!