Can't play consecutive matches for the tourneys in a single entry to the game

This condition started a few months ago not letting me play matches in a row without quitting the app and it especially happens in predator or dom levels for the tourneys. If I attempt to search for a new opponent after a match, game drops into an endless loop and forces me to exit and re-enter. And of course, I see my dinos went back to cool down for hours and the bucks are gone when I come back. My tourney trophy counts drop and my pace becomes limited. So frustrating isn’t it? How many of us are dealing with it?

Quick note: My phone has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory.

Edit: Can not log into the game in a single try also.


Might just be your device

I had the same issues in the past my friend, i changed my phone for a iphone and now it’s fine to play, just the old problem with the song now and the battery consumes very fast


Had it when the update just came out, tourneys matches were crashing at an insane rate. I don’t know why but it’s stopped happening for a few weeks now. There’s literally no way to solve it, you just have to pray that it doesn’t happen. I think it’s partially device related. One way to try to solve it is to actually intentionally try to crash the game by doing too many actions, and then restart the game and go into the match. That might help, the game doesn’t usually crash that rapidly.


Your ram isn’t good enough, i know because i needed to change my phone with 4 ram too


You know it became sort of a phobia so that to see an opponent appears without crashing became a relief for me unrelated to its difficulty. So demotivating. :expressionless:

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I wrote it wrong sorry. But it says 1,3 of it is usable when I check. What does it mean?

Screenshot_20201119-222859_Device care

It says open up space by closing running apps in the background.

What i know is that you need 2 ram free for this game. Check this in your device. Try to close apps running in background

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Check tips to save ram in your device, google or youtube…


You really created a topic, come on who else has this problem

My phone only has 16 GB

I made it and the result:

Screenshot_20201119-225153_Device care

But each time when I execute data on Chrome etc it drops off.

and It only has 1 GB free, because of that It doesn’t work properly, maybe that’s the problem

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It gets a little slow and the system may not be able to handle

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I would have to buy a New cell phone

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How much sacrifice do we need to make for this game, I really don’t know. :sweat: Still, I love it, I mean a lot. :expressionless:

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