Can't play on my Huawei mate 40 pro

Hello everyone !
I have recently changed my phone but unfortunately I can no longer play Jurassic World Alive on it. The error page in the picture below is displayed…
Do you have a solution to get around this problem?

Thanks !

What OS does your phone run?

Android 10 with Emui 11.0

It’s possible the 2 are clashing or that it’s the phone itself. I don’t have an Android tho so I can’t say for sure

No no no android is the system and Emui 11.0 is the Huawei overlay :slight_smile: !

Oh ok then idk what’s happening then

I don’t know all the tech stuff so I don’t know how I would help you but I definitely would email Ludia support.

There’s the link :arrow_up:

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On my Huawei p30 lite it won’t run the “ar” stuff won’t be getting another Huawei. You should be able to send phone back within 14 days (UK you can)