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Can't play PVP

my acc is
ttorroo #0172

since the last updated, i got so many problems with the game …

first the game is always restarted and close by
himself when i do a battle.

second i got temporary banned with no reason

and the last this, i can’t play PVP and stuck in 5247 trophies…

i have contacted ludia via email, asking friends through discord and whatsapp group… and no one has the same experience like me …


T ?

thanks …

Hey there, @ttorroo_08, unfortunately, we cannot discuss details regarding your account in a public setting. Since you’ve already reached out to our support team, my only suggestion is to allow our team the time to take a closer look at things on their end and provide you with troubleshooting steps. Thanks for your patience regarding this!

oh okay thanks,

i talked with people in my alliance, that’s the reason i can’t do pvp battle are because it might be ludia think im “cheater” who got temporary banned because “spoofing” and for the consequences im not allowed play a normal battle…

well, with that being said, i hope ludia can fix this trouble, and thank you for reaching out !!!