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Can't Play the Game


Why can’t this game be played on ALL phones? I have a Samsung Galaxy and it said it’s not available for my device. I have plenty of space on my phone for it too and I would delete some other apps for it. However, I want to know why I can’t play it on my phone. I can get in on tablet, but I can’t play it outside of my house because there is no data option on my tablet it runs off of the WiFi and I am limited to the end of my street. But I know if I could play it on my phone I would have more range. PLEASE Fix this. I have reached out to Jurassic World Alive a bunch of times, but NO One has responded with as how to help or how to fix it.

Thank you.


I have a Galaxy S8 and I play it everyday.


Same @Piere87


I use a Galaxy A7 and it works. Perhaps yours is too old?


Hey there, @JurassicWorldFreak, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty getting the game to run on your phone.

Jurassic World Alive should be available for Android devices running OS 4.4 and up, and the minimum device requirements would be the Samsung S4 model and up.

If, however, your phone meets these requirements then reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look and try to recommend troubleshooting steps. Thanks!