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Can't post in the stars of in joy the game

So it asked to rate for love link I couldn’t it went to ap not found not happy with any of this :thinking::point_down:

Hey there, Christie_Legresley. I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to rate our game! I’m not really sure why that would be the case.

If you’re still having issues rating our game at a later time, could I ask you to take a screenshot of the “app not found” message and send it to our team at

Thank you!

Hi again it says I can’t rate the game says no ap found for some reason Screenshot_20210106_164832_com.huawei.appmarket

I’m sorry that happened again, Christie_Legresley. I believe it will re-appear at a later time, and you should be able to rate the game then.

Sorry but I can’t rate the game when I click on it it’s not coming up to rate love link