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Can't progress unless I open my wallet?


I cannot get past 2750 trophies even though I have many creatures over level 15. It’s like all my opponents are pay to win which I’ve quit games over.


Good… Bye? What do you want, pony up or grind. Welcome to the real world, theres a booster seat in the corner if you need it


Mmmmm… So you think Ludia is a brunch of guys or gals who just spent years of time and millions of $ to put the game together out of brotherly or sisterly love …


JWA isn’t the first and isn’t the last game that will employ this kind of tactic to get people to buy things from them. This is how they keep the game alive. It is either this or have a b2p or p2p game. Would you prefer that over a f2p game? Just wondering. I don’t care if a game is f2p, b2p, or p2p. Game developers won’t just make a game for the fun of it. Not ones that cost them money to keep a server up and running.

If you want that, why not make one yourself and host it out of your own pocket?


No, you can play also without spending, if you want. It will just take some times to climb. If you want, put here screenshots of your team and your dino collection, as well with indications on what dinos are you facing, so we can help you build a balanced team and hopefully climb the arena.


I’ve kept my wallet in my pocket and am holding steady around 3600±100 I started playing around week 7 I think. I also have two kids, a wife, responsibilities and a full time job. It sucks waiting to earn coins and going out to collect 48 Gallimimus can be tedious. You could get the same DNA in half the time if you ponied for VIP too. I’ve currently got 5/8 Dino’s that I use all waiting to evolve.


Totally agree I’ve only spent I think 1 pound maybe two on a one time offer and that’s it I’ve done loads of offers from tapjoy playing some really rubbish games to get cash but I then blow that on oppening incubators I’ve earned for dna and I’ve been playing since worldwide release and this is me

now I’ll admit I’m not that great in comparison to the top 500 but I’m happy to just grind for dna when I can and enjoy battling for incubators some I lose some I win but to say it’s pay to play well I’m sorry but I think I’ve just proved you wrong


If you got to 2700 trophies and have level 15 dinosaurs, and you haven’t paid anything, I think you are doing pretty good. Will you be in the top 500? Nope. But that’s the cost of playing ‘free’. Nothing is really free. It costs you time, energy, and giving up on trying to be the top player. The ‘fun’ is free… if you are really playing the game for the fun of it.

Know your limitations, and temper your expectations. Once you do that, fun will return.


Once you get to a certain point the majority of us have to grind our way. That is how companies like Ludia manage to keep these games going for a few years. You can’t expect everything in one go.


Thank you all for the speed of your replys and the level of detail use it honestly helped. :+1: