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Can't request dna

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Hey there, @Justin_Shaw, I’m really not sure what is causing this to happen in your game but our support team would be glad to take a closer look and investigate on your behalf. Send them an email at, including your support key in the message (and not in this Forum thread, as your support key is considered private, personal information that should not be shared with anyone other than Ludia Support staff).

My screen doesn’t go black, but we can’t request DNA or see DNA requests in my alliance either.


I’m also told that I can’t request DNA until another 8 hours or so, even though I haven’t requested any today.


We have a few in our league one they try to request or go to sanctuary.the screen freeze and have to restart game.

Got the same. Can’t request dna for another 6.5 hours

My fault I sent link to support

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No worries! We just want to keep your game safe. :smiley:

My alliance can’t request dna either at all…

Well done ludia for a new glitch in the game. Stop concentrating on selling boosts and just fix the game.


Same Here. I cannot see any request. I still haven’t made any today but it said I have made all for today… !

It’s now happening to my whole Alliance as well right now… Smh

Earlier mine said 2 hours, now mine says I can’t request for 23 more hours. Several in my alliance are complaining of the exact same issue as well.

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Some of our members can’t request either, even for me it keeps saying it takes longer and longer but I didn’t get to request yet today.

No one in our alliance can request dna either.

So stop selling boosts every day and fix this new bug Ludia!


I noticed this bug too. Good thing I almost never request DNA, as I want the same highly sought after DNA almost everyone else wants (Irritator, Baryonyx Gen 2, Rare Dracorex, and Argentinosaurus). Because of that I feel I should grind for it and leave the requesting to those who may have very limited playing time. There’s not much of that DNA to go around, you know.

Should we start taking bets on how long they will take to fix this bug that has no negative impact on their profit and revenue stream?


Same here since 2 days no chance to request any dna

Same here since yesterday

Same issue 18hr wait to request DNA, despite the fact I’ve not requested since 1500 yesterday.