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Can't request dna

So we have a situation where a mobile game game has a bug (I know, I know…) but the bug is down to every single player trying to run the game on a low end device!

The fact that up until yesterday the problem wasn’t there for any of the same players on the same devices is not relevant?

The fact that it’s every single player in every single alliance that has the problem isn’t relevant?

Unbelievable :man_facepalming:


@J.C, you need to get anyone you know that plays the game with a good phone, including other mods, to open the game themselves. Then you’ll see what we’re talking about

The thread has been redirected to our development team and they are investigating. At this point, we appreciate all the information we can get, which is why we’re asking that you also write in to support. Hopefully, this makes sense.

Which it takes weeks to get a response to.
When are ludia going to take responsibility for the bugs in the game?
Instead of bombarding us with boost sales

If we all left the game… You would have no game.


Do none of the JWA team play there own game?

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Looks like it’s working again

Hey DPG members,


Thank you!