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Cant say I'm winning more matches but

I’m having a LOT more fun battling. Thank you for the boost shuffle ludia- here’s to hoping it’s at least a quarterly event!!! Bravo.


i forgot to bring my phone to work today. but i’m super excited to try this out when i get home.

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Me Too! Although I feel kind of mean putting all my boosts into one creature it’s still fun. :smiley:


The arena is chaotic, but you’re not mad becuase you can compete too, it’s crazy and I love it


I agree it’s very fun! And the look on your opennents face when the level 30 max speed lythonrax enters lolol

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perfect time for a confused emote.

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The pvp arena is practically the same as before, we will see how it will be after next Monday, regarding the tournament I made my 10 takedowns and stopped playing there, the matchmaking is disastrous, my maximum creatures are level 20 and I have faced levels 30 , I don’t find that funny.