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Can't speed up incs

Been happening since a few hours ago (I could earlier). Others are having the same issue.

exactly the same problem,i though it was a bug which will disappear tomorrow.

Hey there, Arnold. I seem to be able to speed up my Incubators in my game.

Are you getting any type of error messages?

personally,it happen 5 hours ago.
I used to use 5 or 6 acceleration in a row.And now when i hit the green “watch” on top of incubator,instead of the usual “you have reached your daily limit”,nothing happen.So i don’t know if my limit is reach or not.

Hey shining, I believe the limit is indeed 6 per 24 hours :thinking:. If you’re not receiving the “daily limit” message, could I ask you to email your support key over to our team at Our team would be happy to take a closer look.

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Same thing is happening for me…I hit watch and nothing happens

ok,i wait 1 hour since it will reset to see if the bug is still here.
If it continu,i will

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@Ned no error message it just says “video is loading”. That’s a normal message to appear if you try to speedup too fast, but now it’s happening all the time, doesn’t matter how long I wait, even after reseting. Just came back after an hour without playing it, still can’t do it. And I had only done it once earlier today.

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@ned I’m still getting this error even after 4pm (LA time) reset. Can only click on watch on incubator if it’s less than 15 minutes (but doesn’t play video and just opens). For any time above 15 minutes, if you hit watch, it doesn’t do anything.

Hey @Arnold, and @MHSzymczyk. If you haven’t already, could you please contact our support team as well so our team can investigate? Thanks!

I had to uninstall and reinstall. Now it works

No… now I can watch videos to speedup, but can’t speedup the last 15 minutes :roll_eyes:

Yeah… everything is back… I would need to keep reinstalling…

It’s working for me again but it’s not displaying daily limit reached now.

Edit: I spoke to soon…now it’s now letting me
Speed up incubators again even though reset happened 26 minutes ago

Yep. Still happening for me too… Already sent message to support team on Thursday.

Same issue here.

I’m able to “watch” just one time in a day for the past few days.

Besides, the “watch” for the last 15 mins (or for the 15 mins incub) not working in all cases.

Same problem for me…:frowning:

@Ned Same problem for me (Android). Clear data is a workaround.

Same issue,i can speed up one incubator,then i can’t speed up after.

Hello, same probleme for me. When I tap the button, the little message “video is dowloading”. And alwayd te same, the video never download. And in the last 15mn, no button to access video.
I try to reinstall, but nothing… I have written to the support but no answer…

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