Can't start battles


I’m having a really annoying issue, i simply cannot start a battle! the game “freezes” on the JW logo with some sparkles around it and it stays there for about 2 minutes before a message appears saying time limit reached and it goes back to the battle tab. I’ts a really annoying problem cause that’s basically the only thing available to do while i’m at home and can’t go out to get dinos (like right now when it’s raining for exemple).


Do your battles end in a draw? If yes, I am dealing with that too. I too have to walk around and just wait for the free incubator to open and not have any battle-won incubators to start up, so my queue is empty, I can’t battle, and there’s no notes in the forums for this. May be an isolated issue to some users, but this really sucks for us.


Mine doesn’t end in draw, it just times out and send me back to the battle tab, I don’t really lose any points tho which is great, but just like you I dont have any battle-won incubators and that’s really holding me back on supplies… at least I can still level up my current dinos so that when this problem is fixed it will be easier to rank up. I hope they fix it on the next update since i still got no solution to this problem.


Hey there, Cattonaut, we’re sorry to hear that you’re unable to join battles and win incubators. In order to take a closer look at your account, please contact our support team at Unfortunately we are currently experiencing a much larger volume of tickets than anticipated, but if you can remember to include your support key in the email, that will help us find you faster in our system.