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Cant start the game

i cant seem to play the game for 3 days now. it just stuck in the black loading screen, and then the loading screen would pop out. i waited for 2 mins and then it says “ERROR Connection to the game server lost. Please check your internet connection.” and then when i click retry, another error pop up saying “ERROR Connection to the game server lost.” I already tried uninstalling but cant seem to fix the problem

Did you go to the forums help section and try the posts that talk about this?

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yeah, it told me to get a ticket. how do i get one?

@Kenneth_Bryan If you can’t get into game I think you use this email

Took this from an older support reply.

Apologies if not correct but @Sionsith will know.

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That is the correct email to send your ticket to. @Ned can help if more information is needed.

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