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Can't submit a request for cash rewards


It’s getting so annoying. Ludia support doesn’t answer, the most of the cash tasks don’t come automatically and I have to submit requests to tapjoy. But now I can’t do it. Why?? One of the tasks in FF is for 48 hours, I had completed it two days ago, but I still can’t submit a request for reward. I’ve been waiting for 2 days already, much more then 36 hours


I’ve experienced the same thing for a few of the free cash for ad completions. And received nothing. Even on a couple of the easy “download and run” actions.


When I talk to tapjoy they won’t even help me I have three game that not give me rewards one is lord mobile for level 11castle tell they not responding to me. Number 2 I two other game that glitch for over 100in free cash in the game. Anything lower than 100 in free work!!! Why??? Plz give my reward I am due it needs to be fix and I feel like getting something free for the mistake just a thought??? Thank you read this.


Tapjoy is a joke. They are all automated replies and the developers don’t even get back to them letting them know you qualified for the reward.


I never got paid for reaching level 11 in Lords Mobile either. Annoying because it took such a long time playing it. I submitted a ticket they automatically closed it 72 hours later. I reopened it and was “denied” without any explanation.

If your company cannot run unless you scam people, maybe you deserve to go out of business?