Can't trust Matching system



Currently, I am in Arena 7.
It means the max. trophies in this arena 3999.

However, I have battled opponents with more than 4000 trophies. They must battle in Arena8.

Ludia doesn’t like me. They want to rob my trophies.

As soon as finished the battle, I have checked the opponent trophies. It is over 4000.

Ludia, really can you make a trusting march system?


This image was captured just after the battle. After that, I captured the opponent trophies.


You are matched with people in and around your trophy amount, some say 400 either side but this hasn’t been confirmed. So if you are at the very borderline of 4K you’ll definitely face people over 4K if ya know what i mean.


There is no problem in what you describe. Matchmaking is solely based on trophies. You have about 3935 trophies, so you had probably around 3960 before the match. Your opponent is now at 4086 so he was at around 4060 before.

You were atched together because your are only 100 trophies apart, a tiny gap. In this example matchmaking worked perfectly.

There would be something wrong if it was an opponent with 1000 trophies away from you. And even in this case if you were the only two persons around you could still be matched together


You’d really get hammered when you went up an arenas if they matched based on Arenas.

Arenas are a graphical lie. Your opponent doesn’t always see the same arena. But matching by Arena would be worse than now.


I am Arena 7. Over 4000, Arena8.But, Arena doesn’t affect the marching system. My understanding is right?

If it is right, what does mean the arena?

In addition, almost always lower arena dinos are included in the incubators. Triceraptos gen 2 is the most abundant dinos…


The Arena you are in just determines the Inubators you are getting.


Exactly. Arena is important only for the rewards. Once you reach arena 8, your incubators will give you more DNA and you get a chance to get other epic (baryonyx, sinoceratops) and you could get your hands on galliminus DNA, only in incub of level 8 (it’s an exclusive one).

And this one is required to create monominus a strong legendary.

As for the pool, the more arena you pass, the bigger it is : when you reach arena 8 your commons could be any of each common you could earn at each level.


It’s because they kept ranking up after they fought you. They could’ve had 3998 trophies when they battled you and now they’re above 4000 and still winning, so they’ve gone even higher.


No. You can allways mach up against a player in a higher arena. As stated before the Arena only determines the rewards you are getting, not who you are facing. That is only determined by your trophy-count.


trophies are not indicative of team strength. i’ve definitely played teams 300+ trophies higher than me in arena 8 and still won.

complaining because you have to fight someone with 14 more trophies than you is not going to work.


Got any proof of this? I’m gonna start requiring video proof of wild claims because i think people just don’t fully understand how the game works sometimes by what i see in this forum. Its like when people blame ghosts for things because they can’t find the real reason. I’ve never battled anyone in a different arena than me and the screenshots above don’t prove that that’s what happened.


Well, no. I’m not gonna start making videos of my matches just because you need other video proof. You are the one blaming ghosts here, since you say you can’t trust the matchmaking. I often matched with players over 4000 when i was 3900ish. You probably have too and just have not recognised it.


ludia has said multiple times that match making is based on trophies, not your arena.


Videos would help everyone understand what’s going on and maybe shed some light on some things that people are confused about. I never complained about matchmaking. I’ve never battled anyone out of my arena before, and I check the recent players often. If someone beats you and they’re just above 4k after that match, that means they were in the 3900s during your match. When I was in Sorna and other arenas, I NEVER saw anyone well above the required trophies for the next arena after battling them. The screenshots provided show no proof of the claims made and back up my argument more since they’re just above 4k. The recent players are listed from most trophies to least, so for all I know that screenshot was taken a few matches after they battled and that opponent has moved up even more.


It’s not that hard to record your matches. It takes literally 10 seconds to turn the recorder on before playing.


Although you are right about saying you are matched by trophies, you can actually play someone in the arena above if you are at the top of the previous arena. When Ruins was first introduced I wasn’t straight into it and was battling guys a few hundred trophies into Ruins just before I made the cut.

That’s the only time you can face a different arena opponent though.


Just beat someone in Arena 8 (for me) who after was 3882 trophies. Absolutely obvious they were in Arena 7.

You can’t name people. You can’t post a video or screen shots that identify other players. I’ve always thought it was a stupid rule but I’m here so I follow their rules.