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Cant Update to 2.0 (FIXED!)

My brother has been trying to update his game to the new version but it isnt poppin up on his App Store. Same was happening for me, though after deleting while it was updating fixed it? Well anyway I have it, he doesnt. Anyway yall mods can help me? @Ned @J.C Note that his device is an iPad although Im not sure which gen it is

Edit: (FIXED) Thanks to one of the posters here, the bug is fixed. For all with IOS devices all you got to do is go to JWA Facebook, click on one of their posts with a link for In-Game Cash. It will then redirect you to a website where you can download JWA for both App Stores and Play Stores. Click on the link for App Store. Viola! It should redirect you to the app store, in the JWA game page, with an update button.

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Same! Idk what’s wrong.

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I don’t have mine either! I have a iPhone XR and still nothing says still doing maintenance!

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Maybe deleting and reinstalling will work but I’m afraid I’ll lose my progress if I try…

My brother doesnt have an FB account or Game ID connected, so he will lose all of his progress if he chooses to do so

Me either that’s why I’m worried.

Oh no… I’m getting flashbacks…

Not working the game… about 10 hours ago …

I was having the same issue. Follow this link from Facebook to download the game and it will show the update. When it asks to open link in game, cancel and follow the link from Facebook to download game. There the update should be available.

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This worked for my brother, big thnx to you.

I just update directly from Play Store… the game stil was saying they was in maintenance, but in the play store was already available

Glad it worked!

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Thanks! If you don’t have Facebook, going to the jwa Twitter page and picking a link for free cash there works, too.

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No, not fixed at all! My game still won’t load and I can’t contact Ludia. Everyone in my alliance is in the game and I got screwed. I really can’t stand you sometimes Ludia. Two years on this game and you did this to me for no reason. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know because Ludia won’t help

Maybe delete the game and try reinstalling it, only if you have an FB/Google Account connected to your game. If not try sending a support ticket

Thank you NewNewbie. It’s kind of a late resort. My game is linked to FB, but I do worry that it will delete my entire progress. I just don’t trust Ludia I guess. I did send a support ticket. If I hear nothing then I will try that. Thank you again.

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