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Can't Update

every update is the same where i have a problem updating. it will download successfully, it just wont update. eventually, i get the game updated within 4 hours not knowing exactly what i did to allow the game to update.

yesterday’s update was different. it’s been over 1 full day and i STILL haven’t been able to update and i’ve thought of and done everything i can up to this point to try and update. restaring my phone, clearing cache, clearing play store data.

the only thing i haven’t done is deleting the game and reinstalling. i don’t think i can do this however since i have no information to restore my account.

can anyone offer and help or guidance here including what the requirements(ram and/or storage etc…) for the phone is to update?

i cannot possibly think that i am the only person having this issue and it’s ridiculous going through hoops every time when they force an update. i can’t even go in to my settings because of the stupid popup that pauses the game to force the update. if i could actually get in the game, i would be more comfortable doing what i need to do before i uninstall and reinstall the game and connect to my facebook account as well and collect my id#.

i’ve written to ludia support but it’s been 24 hours and i am sure i will get ignored or get offered up some excuse that they are backlogged and can’t offer normal support like other companies do within 24 hours.

tomorrow is the speed strik and an epic incubator which i really don’t wanna miss…

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble updating your game, @Aaron_Webb. Were you able to update the game successfully from your app store? Also, please make sure that you have enough storage on your device before updating the game.

I actually had this issue once. Try going straight to the app store to update not your apps. That’s what I had to do. I’ve not had an issue since.