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Can't view Micro S-DNA pack information

If you check the contents of the pack in modded PvP it glitches you out of the game, every single time.

This new update is a ship full of glitches and bugs. I hope it gets fixed asap.

Each card is 17 Velociraptor Super DNA,It used to have other super DNA too , now only raptor

You will win one eventually, I win those extremely often

For modded PvP do you use the usual tactic of 2 weak creatures and one strong one in the middle, or do you use 3 equal strength creatures?
Because I’ve tried both ways, and the first method failed 3 times yesterday (I was matched up against way more powerful teams) and then I tried the latter and won.

I’ve won using the usual tactic before, but yesterday it just didn’t work.

I almost always use level 10 Amphicyon, level 10 Archaeotherium and level 10 THYLACOSMILUS xD to have 3 mid-ferocity opponents

Is there any chance that the modded PvP matchmaking has changed with the update?
Regular PvP is definitely the same.

Well,nope,but yes,I use 2 Triceratops and 1 Good creature almost always! Since the reward is determined only using your best creature!


This happens.

Let me give y’all an example. I used 2 level 1 Tuojiangosaurus, and 1 level 1 Hyaenodon. I face an opponent with a level 34 Therizinosaurus, level 11+ Majungasaurus and level 11+ Dsungaripterus.
The Therizino wrecked my whole team.

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Umm…not too hard. Hyaenodon should be able to kill the 2000+ hp Therizinosaurus…then it’s ez stuff.

That Theri had an attack buff for sure, and either extra action points or health along with that. Hyaenodon, being level 1 couldn’t take it out.

Max Therizino has 325 attack…get some reserves and Hyaen can easily take it out.

Getting reserves is not a foregone conclusion.

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