Can't view profiles

You have to understand if a bug keeps Ludia from collecting money, it’s fixed in a couple of hours. Everything else is … yeah, maybe someday


I don’t know if I have to laugh or cry about this message, either way tears have formed :rofl:

Get them to message in the in game chat you can then hold down on the message and you can then select open profile and see what they have. Not a fix but might help

Lol, that’s quite some workaround. Thank you.

Luckily we use Discord for 3 years now. It allows us to not use game chat at all.

Hello ,
Any help ? We can’t do any operations in our alliance, like promote or downgrade or kick any players. We can’t see any info from our alliance players …

They are taking their sweet time. No announcement, some thinking it’s their phone. No it’s due to the update. I’ve lost 7 new members cause I can’t communicate with them ie friending then, promoting them etc. So they the new member don’t know this is going on so they think they are getting the cold shoulder and boom they are gone.Whats the problem to make an announcement saying you screwed up, the developers need to let the players know when there is a problem.


Hello there
One of our officers discovered that we can access profiles and kick members from the friend’s list.
Not a fix, i know. Just a little advice

Please try to get this one fixed soon! We can’t remove members and that is killing our leaders trying to manage inactive members, coordinate sanctuary drops, vetting membership applicants, etc.

We work really hard to manage a top alliance where everyone is accountable and this big is KILLING our momentum.

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Agree. Please put it on the priority list.

Please ask the team to do their job.


Ludia, I’m an alliance leader. We need this fixed ASAP. It’s been a week since the update and in that week we cannot see profiles or kick inactive players. Our team has been patient, but it won’t last. Thanks.


Ludia team not doing their jobs, as usual.

How can I change the role of an alliance member or how can I remove members?

Can’t kick anyone out or promote anyone

it’s the 15 of March and still can’t access my team and kick out inactive players or promote the ones that are doing great work

it’s the 15th of March and still can’t access my team to kick out inactive players or promote those that are doing great work when is the update coming out

Any updates on this?

I am unable to promote or kick members from my alliance. Please fix this

Hey DPG members, I can understand that this is a really frustrating issue at the moment. :sweat:

Although I don’t have an ETA for a fix yet, I want to reassure everyone that our team is working hard on releasing a patch to address these Alliance issues.

Once we have an update, we’ll be sure to provide it here as soon as we can: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.14 Known Issues

Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

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Hey DPG members, Daven had provided an update on the known issues thread :smiley:

Generally im not one to be mad at bugs cause hey stuff happens, one minor detail in coding and everything can get messy, but how is it that its been 14 days and theres still no fix for the raid invites and not being able to promote, demote,kick, members on alliance, why is it taking soooo long, i can give a few days to fix a bug and be fine with it, stuff can be annoying to find, but 14 days??? come on we are talking about fixing a bug not solving the mystery of the bermudas triangle, communication is key ludia, at least tell us an expected time for the fix, dont leave everyone in the limbo wondering when or why its taking so long to fix

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