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Can't wait for Wizard's Unite

I never really got into Ingress but was into Pogo for a couple of years until I found JWA. I enjoyed the hunting, fusing and PVP and there was always more “action” on JWA, but it’s reached the end of the interest for many players, ie: Lefit Players. I don’t mind paying for VIP or in game purchases but when it becomes an absolute Pay To Win game it’s a bit much.
Add to this the fact that Ludia is doing NOTHING against the cheaters, spoofers and exploiters and it gives me something to look forward to in Wizard’s Unite. I hope I see a lot of the great people I have had the pleasure of playing alongside here.
I’ll continue to play for now but Ludia gets no more money from me…

Wizards unite seems very promising at the moment, it’s very unlikely that ludia will change their tune about stuff.

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I’m sure Ludia won’t change their tune which is unfortunate, it was a great game until they got greedy.

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