Can't we stun immune creatures?

I swear, I never did. Are they immune to stunning too?

that’s my assumption! Same experience

All negative effects. Stun. Slow down… even distracting.


They are immune to every negative effect.

Isn’t nullifying is a negative effect?

Nope, nullifying does just get rid of positive effects. Pre 1.3 Immunity protected also against nullifying attacks, but Indominus for example was too OP then.

The best advantage you can have is to use an immunity dino on your team. If played right, they can help whittle your opponent down to nothing.

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Nullify negates a positive effect.

nope but you can when dinos have invinciblity up… :roll_eyes:

Which doesn’t make sense to me. Invincibility should not be broken by stun.

only if the friggin RNG puts them on your team…

My Anky is in my deck most battles. I dunno. RNG might be with me there.