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Cant win any battles


So, im on a huge losing streak and I just dont understand how this is possible. I just dropped from 4500 to 3800. Im fightin now lower level dinos than what I have but that doesnt matter since I cannot hit them. 50% chance to hit? My ass, I have 0% chance to hit while the enemy has 100%. Im not exaggerating, I literally cant hit any enemy when thet cloak or evasive stance while my dinos get hit every single time. Also in nearly every batlle enemy hits at least one time with a 5% crit meanwhile my 20% crits hit pretty much never. I have lost many battles without getting even 1 hit on the enemy.
Am I missing something here or do I really have the worst luck ever?


Consider it as your bad RNG luck. It happens with everyone, someday you have good luck and someday bad. Take a couple of hours break and start again. May the RNG be with you !


Hi @juhanmummu,

This has been the story for most of the players around, but I wouldn’t really blame everything on RNG. Many things have changed after the St. Patrick’s event, as most of the players got hold of some powerful dinos. Maybe you can share your line up here and I am sure there are many good players who will help you by providing their inputs to work around on your team.


I also lost from 4700 to less than 4400, now climbed back to 4430. RNG was the most important reason. There are now more Erlidom, Indoraptor and Tryko in the arena. The opponents’ Erlidom and Indor, or even I-rex dodged every attack from me, but my Indor (I only use this RNG dino as I don’t like RNG, and I use Evasive only when facing Erlidom or I-rex, or nearly one-shot die) or other dino never damage through the cloak. The stunning attacks did not work too, not to mention the crit chance.
I need more nullifying dino. I have only a L23 Monostego and a L23 Tyrannolo, other nulliifying dinos are much lower.


I was doing fine too (even got a good way into Jurassic Ruins at last) and then the last week of the tournament and just after I lost all but 3 or 4 battles, and went back down to the bottom of Sorna Marshes! Even factoring the broken Dracoceratops I should not have done that badly.

But sometimes you will have these irritating losing streaks. Things will turn around. You just have to stay focused and keep trying.


There was a huge ban wave.

Cheaters had to start over with fresh accounts and are now climbing up from the bottom.

They are able to create teams of uniques in a day or two.

That’s my opinion, based on Ludia banning players, and what I read in cheater support pages.

The terrible RNG waves in this game also play a part… But there are teams I’ve seen that are way OP and fresh accounts.

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Sometimes RNG just turns against you - all of their crits, stuns, cloaks etc work and none of yours. It happens to all of us.

It affects you more if your dinos are more RNG dependent (I Rex, Indo). I should know, I love to use cloak and evasive, and sometimes pay with a 400 + trophy loss (recently from 5,200 to 4,800) - if I don’t stop playing after 3 losses in a row. This tells you RNG isn’t in your favor and you should take a break. I have to admit that I’m sometimes just too stubborn to stop (or need battles for a mission) and end up with a losing streak.

But even if this happens to you, RNG always turns and you will climb back up.

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I’ve been there. So frustrating. I’ve been hanging around 3200 for a while and then on Sunday I just could not win a battle. I dropped to ~2700 trophies. Opponents with level 15 dino’s were one-hitting my level 19’s with crit after critical. I had a level 15 T-Rex get 3 crits in a row on me nearly wiping out my team before I killed him, only to get taken out by their next dino. After my 12th (yes 12) straight loss at the hand of seemingly easier and easier teams I gave up and came back Monday morning and won 8 in a row. Doesn’t make any sense, but it seems to happen.

The other real oddity I see now in these arenas are the uniques from last week. I see teams of max level 15’s or 16’s with an Erlidominous or Indoraptor. These teams are so unbalanced now that if they rely on their unique to carry them up the ladder there will be a time where they’re going to die a lot because the unique is sitting the battle out on the bench. If that cycle gets you on a high point then don’t expect to survive with a team of 15’s at the 3k+ trophy level.

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The RNG mechanisms suck, they really need to improve it. I got 10 battles lose in a row, not because my opponents have much stronger Dino than me, but their critical hit worked every turn , they dodged every time. And on my side, I have no critical hit, my evasive failed every time.


It is frustrating and the good and bad luck streaks are for sure a real thing. Buy an epic incubator and see if luck changes, I am totally kidding, but have had that thought many times that I must not be spending enough money and they are mad at hq. Sure hope only good luck comes your way :slightly_smiling_face:

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