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Cap the amount of boosts gained daily from battle incubators, to lower wait time for battles

You guys increased the battle time wait to 120 seconds to inhibit players buying boosts by buying battle incubators. Guess what it is still cheaper, especially if you block the receipt of the 8 hour and greater incubators by having all the incubator slots filled.
Please cap the amount of boosts gained daily from battle incubators, to 20 so you can lower the wait time back to 30 seconds.


nooo… so you have to wait longer… now youd rather wait shorter for less??

keep the amount the same. we will find our ways.


You can’t skip the 8+ hour incubators in the cycle. Once a spot opens up, if it’s the next in the cycle you’ll get it no matter what.

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Yeah he’s not very clear in what he’s saying.

Right now the wait time for battle is 120 seconds instead of the 30 seconds if you have over 6000 points in Nublar shores. Waiting for 120 seconds stinks.
There is also various bugs involved with the 8 hour or greater incubators where they still frequently go poof if you have a less than ideal internet connection.

i havent experienced any “poofs” and i know its 120 now in the shores… i dropped to gyro.

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maybe cap the amount of incs you can open per day :thinking:

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Cap the boosts if that is what is causing the 120 second wait. To me, getting the boosts was the bonus. Having the ability to grind 100s of incubators a day if I wanted within the 2 to 3 hours of free.time I had was why I could help my alliance to hit tier 5 defense.

Now it takes 8 to 12 hours to do 100s of incubators. So its incentivising those who have no life but to battle.

The old system is better in that everyone has around the same amount of boosts if they buy every from the store and do DBIs.

This one favours those who have the hours to sit in 1 stop and do non stop battles. This will unbalance the arena faster than the previous 1.10 meta.

Also an unintended side effect is less players wanting to enter Nublar Shores since Gyro Depot is 30s timer and gives about the same boost rewards. So the new change punishes success and encourages dropping to farm boosts.


Dun stop people from choosing to grind incubators. It gives Ludia money and helps with alliance missions. Also its a legit way Irritator and Bary G2

I did the same thing thinking I was being slick. LOL
I’m going to ride the gyro gravy train till it crashes.

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down to gryo and grind as much boosters as u can… poor beach guys…meeting 7 real person and 3 ai only out of each 10 battles


meh… an extra 100 dna per week doesn’t incentivize me, but you can still cap incs at 100 per day and if everyone does their job, you still meet 5/5. sancs are great for irri and bary aswell…