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Capt Muffin's owner

I’m curious to see if the owner is a guy or a woman or if we get to choose

I kind of want them to -be- muffin. Thinking they are female or perhaps struggling with their gender identity.

Either way Muffins return was super short and to cliffhanger on the date…frustrating.

The people need answers!

Maybe we’ll see on Thursday

I am super curious to find out how Muffin’s owner must look like.

Sunday will either be Capt Muffin or Gabe Scott it seems

I hope Capt. Muffin’s owner is a female. Otherwise, I’m going to end up being a horrible person! :cry:


I’ll adopt your Muffin if the owner isn’t female. :rofl:

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Plot twist Capt Muffin’s owner is Noah/Antoine/Nina or Matteo or Fei

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Im thinking it might be Roy Fennel. He is wearing a le chat tee and captain muffins owner said they were a vfx artist

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It is indeed Roy! He confirmed it by saying he had a profile on lovelink that is inactive. MC states that they’ve seen it and that explains why they haven’t matched.

I wonder if that means we will be able to match him later or if his profile will poof. :thinking:

Oh! Oh… also. Pretty sure Muffins in love. He wants out to meet his love. He wants to be pretty for his love. He stares longingly out the window for… his love.

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Will he have a counterpart?

I definitely hope so. Counterpart could be the owner of the cat Muffins is in love with.

At first I thought it was Fei and Roy as counterparts now I’m not sure Skye, Pamela and Kelsey don’t make sense as Roy’s counterpart

Yeah I was trying to figure it out too. It would suck to not have a female counterpart but none of the current unavailable matches makes sense.

They could introduce two counterparts though. One for Roy and one for Muffin. Chances are it would be way down the line after all the other unavailable matched are written in. :cry:

And I’d love to have a female counterpart for Damien, Skylar and hell lmao every boring male character

Agreed. I want all male characters to have a female counterpart.

I’m not against guys. At all… I want male counterparts for all the female characters too. :rofl:

But a Princess, a tattoo artist, a comedian, a vampire, a centaur or a freaking mermaid. Come on! They -need- female counterparts.

Honestly neither am I but Michael/Sam, Oliver and his counterpart, Sheng/Tomas, Min Jae/Liam would be so much better if there was a female option

I’ve always thought it would be great if every character had an opposite-gender counterpart. There are so many great stories that people are missing because they only choose to match with one gender. Also, no matter who’s updated on any given day, everyone will be happy because they’ll be more content for everyone regardless of what gender you choose to match with.

The only two exceptions to the rule would be having a male counterpart for Dahlia/Rose wouldn’t work as men can’t give birth, and the other one being Clementine/Grace, I don’t think their story would work with a male counterpart.