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Captain muffin!

Im so excited capt muffin is back! Hes sooo cute!!

Now do we get to meet the hooman or are we dating a cat?


I actually said OMG out loud ahahaha! I’m so happy to see that cat!

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I’m so freaking excited! Muffinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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I read someone actually bashing Capt Muffin in a Lovelink Facebook group :roll_eyes:

Bah! They’re probably a dog person.

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I am so excited, but I want to meet his owner. In other news, I’m still a dog person, but can totally buy that a cat who would want to be left alone wants their owner to find love and get out of their hair. Now I need to read the update.

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Their excuse was how Capt Muffin typed the conversation

Hes a cat…who slowly learns to type…a cat…

And they also called it a test story ugh

This person sounds bitter. No matter though because MUFFINNNNNN.

And there is nothing they can do about it. :smiling_imp:

I wonder if Capt Muffin’s owner is male or female

Having just played Cpt Muffins return, I can’t help but think… with his intelligence, his secrecy, the way he talks about his hooman being untrusting and the way the voice in my head actually pronounces the word hooman… I keep thinking… feline companion of Dr.Vile maybe?.. wouldn’t be outside the realms of his capabilities to build a robotic cat and would be a good plot twist if nothing else…

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That would be kind of cool. First real character crossover.