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Carbo cant be slowed (Nevermind, I did a mistake))

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Bug Description: carbonemys cant be slowed

Area is was found in: In battle arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- You must go for a slowing move (needs to last at least 2 turns)with a creature faster than carbonemys and make sure the opponents carbo goes for dig in.
Step 2- After that, go for a random attack, carbo goes for superior vulnerability and boom, im slower.
(I dont know if this is how the bug gets triggered. It might be just a weird thing that ludia forgot to fix)

How often does it happen: only when i fight carbonemys

What type of device are you using: It doesnt matter

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I realised that carbo has a weird bug where it doesnt get slowed. How it happened: I went for a slowing move (Decelerating Impact with pachy), carbo went for dig in, so he had priority. After that carbo has a slow effect for 2 turns. I go shielding strike, he goes superior vulnerability. He slows me, but i should be faster right?
Well…yes, but actually no…

Dig in gives a 10% speed boost to Carbo, and superior vulnerability slows the opponent. So if that speed boost makes Carbo faster than opponent, then using a slowing move against Carbo will be negated by Carbo using its slowing move. Hope this explains it enough for you but basically both slowing moves cancel each other out.

Pachy has like 121 speed and carbo has 104, 114 speed with dig in.

Perhaps it was boosted?

I found this bug in this tournament thats active right now.
No boost allowed.

Interesting, guess I’ll be using Carbo!

Please dont :joy:

Carbonemys was slowed by 40% while pachy was slowed by 50%, making carbo faster. If I’m reading this correctly. :sweat_smile:

Oh…now I get it. Welp, I guess decreasing a creatures boosted speed, doesn’t affect the added 10% speed. Just like the 50%+ increase in damage.

Exactly. One thing I want to know is if speed increase works the same way, i.e. whether the first MSS affects the second or not.
Because we have a screenshot of a Dracoceratops outspeeding a Procerathomimus in a previous tournament, and it’s a matter of whether it took 2 MSS or 3 in a row to achieve that.