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Carboceratops should be cunning not resilient

When I first saw this creature I was so confused on why it was a resilient it no moves that are a resilient move like resilient strike, superiority strike, etc. I feel like it should be a cunning because it was a distraction strike move.

Naustro is a wild card, carboto is a resilent with a distraction move and an armor piercing swap in. Definitely makes sense to me

Ignoring sarcasm it really should be a wildcard and having some type of deaccelarating move. Its only use is the Testagod rn


Its stat seems pretty resilient to me, 1000 attack, 4350 health, low crit chance, and speed. So is “MOST”, of the moves, Devastation is a precise move, which would make it a resilient move and expose weak spot applies vulnerability, which means it is a resilient move. Dig-in is obvious as well. But I get where you are getting at. It shouldn’t be just resilient, resilient and cunning makes a bit more sense, but I don’t agree with the fact it should be just cunning (if I read the title wrong I am sorry). The swap-in headbutt is complicated, along with the swap-in stunning strike, sometimes they just ignore it and leave the class as it is, sometimes it actually matters like with Nasto, it should also be resilient and cunning, but for some reason, they made it a wildcard because has swap-in stunning strike.

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it needs a buff and a class change

Dig in is resilient because of the shield. Expose Weak Spot inflicts Vulnerability so its resilient. Even devestation taunts and bypasses dodge, so it’s also resilient. So resilient definitely fits. That said, since it has distraction, it should also still be cunning. So I think cunning-resilient fits it best as it currently is.