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Carbonemys Hunted, Leveled and Added to My Team

I kind of half expect to actually run into these in the next days as I’m sure others in my playing range will be trying Carbonemys on their teams. I have enough left over DNA to make Carboceratops if they have a Nasuto event or its going to take a while in the sanctuary’s. This will be after I make Grypolyth and I’m only 40 DNA away. Hoping for a good next fuse.

This is what I’m going to play, win or lose. This is an entire team of the newest creatures that I have made to team level. Entelodon isn’t great. If anyone has tried this guy in the tournament, it’s first hit is like blowing a kiss but in this case, it blows a slap in the face with the delayed hit reaction.



Actually Ent has won me several battles in the tourney. His mutual fury followed by rampage allows him to one shot many and outspeed everything except a speed boosted eriklo g2

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I’ve actually been considering whether Carbo could be viable higher up. Its basic attack does 1.5x turn 1 and 2x turn 2 and if you can land that devastation while vulnerability is active it should be game over. Match that with healing and 60% armor and it could be a monster

I didn’t get to try Carbo till the 6th battle and it was against a pity AI as I kept loosing to the same person like 2 or 3 times.

See the slot I have Carbo in above, #4. That’s the slot you put your weakest creature in you don’t want picked very often. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

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