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Carbonemys trade

Hello. Message me if you would like help to unlock carbonemys
You can visit my sanctuary and interact with the 2 turtles people have put in my sanctuary .
I can possibly also share a turtle to your sanctuary.

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So they DO exist?!? I took the day off and went from park to park… Big fat 0 :turtle:

If we help each other out we can all make carbonemys


Sent you a PM. Let’s talk.

How would we visit your sanctuary?

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How can we visit your sanctuary?

@kiros @DrSteveC Hello. by entering the same alliance

I do not need carbonemys anymore. Thank you.
I will however help others unlock theirs.

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Oh I see, but I can’t leave my alliance :confused: thank you anyway

I haven’t seen this anywhere😂

Same for me … Yesterday and even Today

I would like to get some help with the turtles. I have looked everywhere and have had no luck

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Hello. Message me and I can get an alliance member to put the turtle in your alliance ASAP

I didn’t See any turtle in germany… nowhere…

@Holger_Werminghaus what alliance are you in?


ok. i am in USA. message me when you are ready to get the turtle

Hey killerRaptors im in the aliance JurassicXForce