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Carboniferous Update

With the introduction of more synapsids and Permian creatures into the game, it’s only necessary to introduce some even older animals. Please consider the following picks;

Add Arthropleura (Epic)
Distracting strike
Impact and run
Immune to distraction and DOT

Add Mastodonsaurus (Epic)
Cunning strike
Acute Stun
Distracting Impact
Immune to stun
Resistant to distraction and speed reduction

Add Pulmonoscorpius (Rare)
Speed boost strike
Gaping wound
Ready to strike
Resistant to distraction, stun and speed reduction

Add Meganeura (Rare) (Flock)
Cunning strike
Taunting impact
Impact and run
Absorb ability
Minor counter attack
Resistant to rend, stun and distraction

Add Labyrinthodontia (Common)
Resilient strike
Slow group impact
Resistant to stun and speed reduction


I certainly like to see some Carboniferous creatures added to the game along with Permian and Triassic (still only 2 Triassic beasties!).


Carboniferous creatures (especially giant insects) would be amazing! And also surely way easier to implement than aquatics.

Also, yeah! Flocks do really work well with meganeura!

Some prosaurapods would be nice

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I’d do this so they’re viable in both PVP and Raids. Plus, they’d be worth using since they can decelerate and have instant attacks. Plus they have vulner resist

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Those are really well done!

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