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Carbotoceratops Hybrid pursuit?

We just noticed this today in our ingame information screen.

Is this a surprise event ? When are we expecting to see them? So far nothing in my area even with use of scents. @Ned


I thought it was still the Carnotarkus pursuit, I still see Wuerohosaurus. Maybe that announcement is for next week then?


Sweet. tho, i’m going after smilon first. Can’t hurt to stock up on nasuto tho.

It says there “next few days “ with no timer .

That is kind of weird, if it was for the next normal hybrid pursuit, it would say few weeks, since a few days doesn’t cover that long. Maybe it’ll be a surprise event for this weekend, but that kind of sucks though, the epics for the hybrid pursuits are pretty hard to find for me.

I haven’t found a turtle for a while so hopefully I’ll be able to spot at least one. :grimacing:

Nasutoceratops is also very welcomed.


Hey DPG members, all I’m allowed to say is that it is not for this week. :sweat_smile:


Well that makes perfect sense :rofl:

Leave us to speculate then. :upside_down_face:
it’s still nice thinking about how this will be implemented. Many want Carbo and nasuto is so hard to get when you need the sanctuary for other things.

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Next week I can Dart Nasuto?

Happy cake day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s probably starting next week after we finish the current pursuit. That’s how it normally works. They give you a heads up for the next pursuit with that style picture saying the next few weeks. Then sometimes you never see it again lol.

I’m looking forward to it as that’s the last creature I need to complete my dinodex!