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Carbotoceratops worth fusing?

Hello fellow Jurassic enthusiasts! I’m fairly new to the forum but I’ve been reading for a long time. I do have a question for those that have this creature.

Does anyone have Carbotoceratops? If so, do you like her and why? Is she worth the fusion points? My boyfriend loves Carbonemys and he’s farming for the legendary. I’m curious because I don’t see many high ranked players with this fusion on their team.


@Sixty-Four would be able to answer this.
What do you think of her?

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Any legendary that can get a hybrid is worth fusing. I’ll bring it to lvl 20 this week. Can be useful for strike towers. Though, cause can get a hybrid I won’t lvl it further.


The first thing I will say is its design is beautiful. What a cool creature right now I put it with Alloraptor as the 2 coolest new dinos in the game and cooler than most old ones too.

Next I will say she is really good against dinos that can be slowed and are effected by the vulnerable move. It also helps against dinos that can be distracted. Chompers like Thor are its big enemy.

Then I will say that I think carbotops will get another hybrid, its unique form. So get her to level 20 and then wait for the unique since you will need a lvl 20.

Do what I did with her, the unique will come and be in its turtle glory lol:

And here is a video of me using her underleveled and unboosted in the Library lol. So in lower arenas she could probably cause havoc, if your team can manage to fit a lvl 20 on it for now. But wait for the unique.

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Oh my goodness! I have to start off by saying thank you and my boyfriend sends his gratitude as well. Showing the gameplay really helped and now we’re both convinced LOL!

When we saw how much fusion points you have stored for both Carbon and Nasuto, our jaws dropped. I’ve only been playing since October and he went on a hiatus for a while before playing again. I’m sure you’ve been playing for a very long time. I can only imagine the power a unique holds. I’d love to make that legendary fusion but for some reason the Nasutoceratops doesn’t seem to come around anymore.

Thank you SO much! :smiley:

Nasuto is really tough to get, it is exclusive good to go use the sanctuary for it too. But it will be out this week with the rare events for 18 attempts under the green spinners(don’t waste your time with the other featured rares, only get nasuto if you can go to parks which have more green spinners for events). The turtle will be out as an event too this week :slight_smile:

Really want this one, but I’d probably be better off fusing for Smilon considering my Nasuto isn’t nearly at 15 yet. Love the design, and I’m expecting great things from it.