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Card counts

So does anyone know what the numbers refer to on the bottom of the player cards? Say you earned a helmet and at the bottom it says 1\4 what does that mean? I now have several replete cards that I have earned now saying 49/8 and so on.

The left number indicates how many copies of that card you have. The right number indicates how many copies it costs to upgrade it to the next level, making it stronger (stat-wise, and at some levels even effect-wise)
If you have 12/10, it means you can upgrade that item, and then you’ll have 2 copies remaining. The next will be 2/20

Thanks I appreciate it. After I posted this question I played another round and that seemed like the logical answer. What i find frustrating is when the cards offered to be purchased are ones you have either equipped or ones you can’t even equip yet! Or when you do a challenge the first round is super easy and the next is nearly impossible difficult!

The game seems kind of fun but is lacking a little depth.