Card Packs for free to play player

Level 64 player here and I see card packs that cost like 100 bucks. No problem with that but can there be a version where you can buy it using the in game currency “cash”? For the officials who might see this post… is there a posibilty of it happening like in an update?

@DeathSwitch welcome to the forums, they offer packs for in game resources every once and awhile. Keep in mind these packs do not unlock the creature for future in game creation. Only packs with the lock do this, otherwise your pack is a single event.

I wish there would be cardpacks that contain legendary dinosaurs like the Fright Pack but you’d pay it using the in game currency cash :((

Any purchased (with any resource or real life money) does not unlock the creature for future creation they are one time events. You can only unlock creatures by completing in game tasks, be it through the weekly unlock event, tournaments, the arena, or clash of Titans events.

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Well, there are card packs you can get using in-game resources that include legendaries. The ones available with loyalty points for instance are excellent buys, the 10K in particular which has tournies in it. There have been some recent threads on the value of these packs in particular and the VIP membership which greatly increases the speed at which you get loyalty points.