Card Packs in Shop

Why don’t the card packs for sale in the shop change daily anymore? Since the update, the same 3 card packs have been for sale in the shop. Pre-update, we would get Epic packs on Friday and Legendary packs on Saturday. Now its been the same 3 packs for days. Is this change permanent?

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It’s gotta be for the Halloween special happening right now. I’m not sure why’d they leave the same 3 SH items that no one wants…for 3 entire days (at not even a slightly discounted “holiday” cost), but oh well.

I think just about every person in the game can agree on the fact that they like to see those items cycled pretty regularly, and it’s pure revenue for the developers. So I’m assuming once this is gone it’ll go back to normal.

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I really hope that is the case. I will be put out when the 2 for 1 epics and legendary packs are gone. It was one of the few ways I had to acquire the top gear.

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Seems like they could easily give us an answer here

As of 10 minutes ago, the packs are back to the regular 24 hour rotation in the store.