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The price of card packs is beyond insane
…$100 for a 20 percent shot at an Indominus Rex and a maybe chance of a hybrid? Dude, I remember a small tidbit in economics about price elasticity. If you put that price at say $10, would you earn more than you would selling it at $100? I think you absolutely would. Even that’s overpriced…I would say 5 would be a good tester. Just food for thought, because these prices just seem like a huge disconnect from reality and really in terms of profitability.


Thats just how mobile games function.

I don’t buy packs at all. The only thing worth paying for is VIP because of all the benefits you get.

But this is how mobile games function now. Spend $10 on a pack now, $100 next month, and it keeps going on and on.


Maybe I guess. I just think being too greedy…no one is going to buy it. I just think, why wouldn’t you want to make money? You’re not going to make any money selling things at exorbitant prices. How many packs do they really sell at $100 bucks? I would be it is a paltry amount. They need a marketer with realistic expectations.

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They apparently sell enough to make such prices worth doing. We have run across some people on here that buy those packs, and you’d be surprised how many these “whales” do buy.


It’s just became normalized. Without consumers rioting it’ll continue to go unchecked. I despise mobile games for this very reason, but I only play this game for 3 reasons: 1) I am max level with a lot of time sunk into the game. 2) I am a JP/JW fan, and this is the most advanced and detailed game to date. 3) as far as mobile games go, this is at the very end of the “BS” scale where it offers reasonable alternatives to progression other than the overpriced packs (like VIP).

And despite it being greedy, there’s a reason why it’s become the norm in the mobile game industry; it actually brings in truck loads of cash.


I agree with @OstaposaurusBae, the only thing worth spending in this game is for the VIP subscription. I’ve experienced purchasing resources from other games, and I realised that it takes all the fun out of it.

VIP Subscription is to give you a boost, which is good, and not to just beat the game/level/mission you’re doing without effort.