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Cards you "don't need" bug

Am I the only one who’s experiencing this bug? I don’t think so. If any developer is listening: could you please fix it?

Many thanks

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I’ll let our team know. Thanks, Fizbanius!

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I have opened several tickets in the past on this issue. Prepare for a friendly response that leads nowhere. I’ve also suggested they add Epic gear to the list of what can be requested/donated in your guild with the same level of non-interest from support. Prepare for the near future when you rarely see anything you can buy from Durnan that isn’t already maxed out.

Happened the same to me when I opened tickets for a bug about epic boots of barbarian which are supposed to proc 100% when maxed but which actually proc around 75%.

After more than 2 months and 3 tickets they are still bugged. How hard it can be to solve a minor bug like this?

The boots should be an easy fix. With the gear I never got acknowledgment from them that they consider it an issue. I was more concerned with getting gear as a reward for equipment maxed out when there was other non-maxed gear I could get instead. They just told me to wait until I could sell it to Durnan. So I think their opinion is that if you get something you need, good for you, and if you don’t, oh well.

I don’t mean to be obnoxious I’m sure the developers are capable people. I just think they probably haven’t hired enough of them and the ones that are working are being made to focus on things like making new challenges and not really allowed to spend time fixing things that aren’t seen as money makers for the company.

I have completely given up on wasting my time communicating with them for that reason.

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Customer service support staff is typically different from development staff, and paid much less.

Requests for changes to how the game works needs to be handled by the developers.

Asking customer service to do something outside their authorized discretion will usually accomplish nothing.

However, what all customer support should be enabled to do is pass along feedback to their managers and/or other departments.

So rather than asking customer support to change things in the game, ask them to relay your feedback to the appropriate department.

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There are two ways that Ludia provides for communicating issues. This forum and a support ticket. You certainly seem knowledgable about how things works behind the scenes but those aren’t matters that are the responsibility of the players/customers. Once we provide feedback through the proper channels it is up to the company to funnel it to where it can best be addressed.


Don’t see why it’s a bug - when you go to the supermarket you don’t want to buy everything there do you

Yes, it’s a bug, if the store says I need cards of a over-capped item.

I get what you are saying but I see this as a bug as well. It would be similar to if they offered to sell you or gave you cards for a character you don’t have yet.

I don’t see it as an issue

More programming to search your inventory to see what you don’t need, better to just randomly sell stuff - as it is only need to search which characters you have

It’s also not realistic that they just have things you need. If you play elder scrolls the shop still has bit of leather fir sale even if you have 10 gazillion of them

Further it’s trivial, how often does it happen ;op

Fix some important stuff!

It is an issue if the system shows me a card of a gear I have over capped, for 1000 gold/each. Why is it so hard to understand?

I’d say it not a bug but something they haven’t thought would happen and but the game work like intended. Does it need to be improved of course. Do I think it a top priority no many real bug need to be fixed before that. But it was worth to report it.

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Yes as Krom said it’s not a bug, at best it’s an oversight.

But my position is How hard is it to understand that shops have stuff you don’t need :open_mouth:

Yeah I agree and “bug” was a bad word choice. Thinking about it though, even if you already have it, eventually you could sell it for gold.

The hang up is due to the use of the word “need” in advertising.

If it was “Cards for sale”, I doubt anyone would be calling it a bug.

In my opinion it’s just puffery. Compare it with a tagline like “the blade you want, the weapon you need”. Do you actually need that Dagger of Venom?

I could be completely wrong but I think Fizbanius is Italian and y’all are debating his word choice. Your points aren’t wrong but can we agree it is a huge letdown when all that is being offered is worthless?

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I’ll agree to that. I wanted Boots of Elvenkind and all they had was a Dagger of Venom.

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It is completely a letdown, but I don’t think the debate was truly over word choice. I think it was more about whether or not offering something that could not really be used was ok or not. Yes there was a side of whether it was a bug or just not cool though.

Yep I was on the side of it’s fine to offer something that isn’t used as it’s a shop

The issue of whether it should be called a bug or not was just a side issue