Cariolis Fury gives 3 attack actions

I do not own Cariolis but this person says that one application of Cariolis Fury gives 3 attacks and sounds like it could be a bug? Since no other instances of fury (Saarvin Trinket, Raika Helm) give a 3rd attack action. Or it’s stacking when Cariolis applies it a second time which this person says it doesn’t stack.

Extra Fury attacks bug out Deathwarded toons. The extra attacks take so long to complete and happen in such an immediate succession that they interrupt the deathward revive animation and the revived toon disappears off the screen and lock up the session. The turn timer goes to zero but my actions bar is not on screen and neither is the invisible revived toon. The only work around I have found is to immediately close and restart app. The revived toon becomes visible again. That only fixes my session and allows me to attack again but not theirs they are still stuck in what I can only assume is the old bugged out session instance unless they also restart app. They can’t attack me the turn timer goes to zero and they are forced to move up. Just like it does when the same bug happens with Saarvins Common axes and fury trinket which has been reported on forums a few times.

Can any of Ludia’s representatives confirm that Cariolis fury is supposed to give 3 attacks on one application? Does fury stack or not?

Had a battle against a Cariolis that gave Tommus Fury. Tommas moved up and Taunt counter attacked. I hit him with Pikel and he got Dominated when he counter attacked with 1st attack and then with the other 2 Cariolis fury attacks he turned on his squad and swung twice with legendary sword killing Cariolis with deathward and she revived. And while he was still dominated hit him again he counter attacked his own squad with Cariolis fury and 3 attacks with his legendary sword went off (9 hits to 3 toons) and killed 3 of their toons. Is Cariolis Fury supposed to make Counter attacks have multiple extra attacks??? Still have had no answer on another bug report about Cariolis Fury giving 3 attacks when no other instance of Fury gives 3. Raikas Fury gives 2 attacks. Saarvins fury gives 2 attacks. Why does Cariolis Fury give 3??? If it is a bug please be transparent about it so people know and don’t get so attached to it that they rage when it gets fixed and save yourselves some headaches and future raging forum posts from People that bought a bugged out toon.

Cariolis fury worked with Farideh Counter attack too. With A fury already applied Farideh moves up grants herself counter attack. So 3 attacks on their turn and if you Hit them they counter attack back 3 times… It’s ridiculous. Still no response even on a support ticket linking this thread to get some kind of official answer if these abilities are working as intended. And if they are they really need some rebalancing. Like Make the Fury 1 additional attack like every other instance of fury in the game. And have the Fury at start of turn so it doesn’t also work with Counter attack. Be transparent if it’s not working as intended so we know sometime hopefully sooner than later it will get addressed.

Counterattack/fury have always stacked for Raika, so that’s nothing new and presumably intended. You just don’t see it very often since so most people prefer her epic spear over her Silverhand hammer.

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