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Cariolis Silver hand bugs

Was able to get Cori’s SH weap up to level 15 and have started using it again. And I’ve noticed some odd behaviors. Stealth does not get Stolen and cleared away from opponents only copied. Reflect Damage doesn’t get stolen and cleared away from opponents only copied. Have Died from my Cori having Fury. “Stealing” a Farideh’s reflect damage on the first hit and taking some dmg from the reflect and on the 2nd attack from fury died to the reflected damage that was supposed to be stolen and cleared away, the Icon is even still there in opponent.

For some reason If an opponent has Deathward and low health if Damage from the steal hit kills the toon the deathward isn’t stolen and they revive but when they have different buffs I.E. taunt or any of the others and the hit kills them the buff gets stolen.

It’s also weird that if 3 opponents in the same row and with SH at level 15 to allow it to steal all buffs in that row. Sometimes when I target 1 toon get the proc and the hit (not missing) a toon down the row will have a buff and my steal gets the “miss” icon and doesn’t steal. That feels terrible. If you hit the toon your targeting you shouldn’t be able to “miss” on the steal esp on a toon that you didn’t target. I would love to know what the miss chance is for a steal effect as it seems much higher than the flat base 5% as the steal misses fairly often when being used on multiple toons in the same row.

On Farideh’s reflect damage, that’s probably a new copy since she gets it when she’s hit. In other words you stole one, but she immediately got a new one in response.

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Pretty sure it wasn’t a new one. I have targeted a toon in the same row as a Farideh with reflect and not her directly. Got the steal to Proc. And it only copies it and doesn’t wipe it away from her. The stealth is exactly the same. Cause I can’t target the stealth toon I target a different toon in the same row and it only Copies the stealth doesn’t clear it away like it does to other abilities.

Well, since the steal part can miss, that means the steal itself counts as a hit. It could be the same thing with stealth if the target is the rogue with the legendary ring that gives stealth on hit. But restore on stealth was already buggy, so I’m not at all surprised steal doesn’t work right on stealth.